Layne Gray is an entrepreneur and philanthropist (not the Bill Gates-level philanthropist, more like help-raise-money-for-your-favorite-charity type philanthropist) who has enjoyed writing for as long as she can remember. She lives in San Francisco with her three, semi-obedient pugs, Coco, Molly and Boots. 

An avid cyclist, Layne rides very fast (downhill). She also enjoys snow skiing and was a ski racer who specialized in downhill (see a pattern here? Let's assume we're not talking about her life in general...). Layne's bright, semi-shiny 2003 Lexus SUV has 190,000 miles on it because she drives back and forth to Tahoe as well as up to the mother-ship of Portland, OR (aka where all her family still lives). The Lexus isn't really bright and shiny --living in the city, and usually parking outside of her garage (not to be confused with the inside where all the treasures she's collected over the years live since she can't bear to sell them), makes it silly to have a nice, fancy car -- one that inevitably is going to get dinged, broken into and  stolen. Yes, stolen. The sad part was that she got the SUV back after the thieves stripped everything out of the interior that had the Lexus logo. Oh right, now where were we? Yes, more about Layne... 

She was unanimously voted 'World's Best Mom' in 1997 by her daughter and is easily distracted by puppies.  This is Layne's first novel. 

And she likes fine wine. Okay, wine. 


Pssst: here's a link to her real profile :)