The book is launching on October 15th

So excited that my book, Crushed, will be launching on Thursday, October 15th, through Amazon. It will be available on the Kindle as well as in paperback version.  It's ready for pre-orders!  Click here!

Here's what some of my early readers have been saying about the book:

I really enjoyed your book! The story was a lot of fun.  You are a terrific writer. You have a wonderful way of describing places and situations that place the reader in the middle of them.”
Pam H.
I truly loved it! I even cried when Grace ran to see her mom in the hospital. It was a very believable book, it was fun, it had flare, awesome sex, mystery, and twists…a very enjoyable read!
Sue R.
Oh my goodness – I just finished the book. Sooo good. Well done!!!! I loved it all… Can’t say enough good things.
Lauren H.
You Crushed it Layne! What a wonderful read and true page-turner. Really, I loved it! It all came together in an exciting, extremely well-written way.”
Rebecca S.
Layne! I love it! What a great story. I couldn’t put it down. It moved along quickly and the characters felt like real people I would actually know.
Alli F.