Hey there, girlfriends

Hi, Gigi here! You know - Grace's new bestie. 

I'm feelin' the love of all you peeps who encouraged me to move out to SF so I could be with my tribe - Grace, Debbie. And, yes, even Brett.  I haven't seen much of Grace lately -- she's been spending a lot of time with Ross. She even is out stumping for him on the campaign trail. Yup, it's official - he's running for Mayor in 2016. There's even a fan club who call themselves Ross's Renegades. Grace dragged me to one of their rallies - they're basically a bunch of little old ladies who seem to giggle every time Ross enters the room. Them, with their bright red lipstick, and tightly curled locks. I have to admit, they're pretty cute and very, very devoted. 

Got to go. It's time for my therapy session with Dr. Snyder. She moved back to the city after Finedale closed and has her own practice. Although as we're getting the final details together to buy Finedale we're hoping she'll work with us again when and if we start up.