The chapter headings

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In an early version of the manuscript for Crushed I included a little ditty at the beginning of each chapter about wine (or something loosely associated with wine) that had some relevance to that particular chapter.  Working with my early readers as well as my editors it became clear that even though those headings were referred to as fun, funny, educational, intriguing and a host of other adjectives I felt they got in the way of the continuity of the story; hence, I removed them. 

So over the next umpteen weeks I am going to post those chapter headings here in the blog. What do you think - are they compelling? Note that I include a link to another page as to the reasoning behind the reference in case you want to get the inside scoop as to the method to the madness.

We'll start with Chapter Two. Why? Because that's where I started...go figure. 



Dom Perignon Champagne, Reims

Here in California it’s called sparkling wine, but on this particular day, the intention was to drink the real stuff. Lots of it. Dom, as I recall... 


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