Chapter Three - Wine heading

Ernest, The Engineer, Sonoma County

" Engineer (verb): to arrange, manage or carry through by skillful or artful contrivance."

First, wines from Ernest Vineyards are fabulous. If you can actually get your hands on some definitely do so! You can also sign up for allocation when the winery releases their various vintages. My particular favorite is their Chardonnay. 

Chapter Three is an extremely important chapter. The surface-layer details are as such:

  1. Establish Grace's relationship with her best friend, Brett.
  2. Reveal Peter's true relationship with his colleague, Sam.  

Yet the nuances of the chapter go much deeper and foretell of secrets that will reveal themselves later in the book. Questions include:

  • Why is Brett so hesitant to talk about Finedale and why has she never shared her experience at Finedale with Grace in the past?
  •  Is Peter so naive to believe Sam's story as to why she had to pick him up at the airport? Does he just stumble through life - sometimes led by the lower half of his body? 

So the definition of the verb, engineer, 'to arrange, manage or carry through by skillful or artful contrivance' is quite relevant to this base-building chapter. 

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