The story

Asked by many, many readers as to why Layne decided on the topic that is the subject matter in the novel, Crushed, she answers that question here:

"So much talk about 'leaning in' as suggested by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg. The concept is based on how women can, and should, help other women. I've taken this to the outer boundaries, beyond the workplace. The premise of the story of Crushed is that women can help other women when going through really tough times, like a dead marriage, philandering husband, lost-identity, etc.. Instead of one-on-one therapy I created this place where all these women could excel exponentially because they attended the camp and helped each other with loose guidance from instructors and mentors.

Many readers have asked if there's actually a place like Finedale and as far as I know there is not. Made it up totally in my mind. But there SHOULD be such a place. Spa treatments. Therapy sessions. Flirting classes. Career development. Wine tasting. What could be better if you happen to be in that place, right? Wouldn't you send your grieving friend there? And at Finedale guests have the unencumbered camaraderie that helps ignite new chapters in life. 

But for those who have read the book, Crushed, you know that not everything is as simple, or easy, as it seems. There are lots of people out there who want revenge and are willing to go to great lengths to realize it. In this case, the story of Crushed, time and time and time again. Oh, the humanity of it all!"