August 17 - Welcome


Thank you for coming to the website, Crushed - the book.  And a special thank you for clicking on the blog! I am so thrilled you are here and I am super excited about the release of my novel, Crushed.  It is tentatively scheduled to be released on October 15th - that's the goal. If you're not one of my readers already and you wish to read it and provide a review, I'd love to hear from you! 

I do hope you enjoy reading my novel.  In case you want to know upfront and personal, I can most definitely tell you who WON'T love my book (I don't mean to be a pessimist but I think I'm pretty spot-on here):

  • Men: I'd love them to love it but it's really from a woman's perspective. The designer clothing and accessories, the lamenting about men, the token nod to one-night stands and, in the end, the motivation of one of the main characters (ooh, that's a tease, right?)
  • Single women under 30: So this is in the genre fondly, or not so fondly, referred to as hen lit, an older version of chick lit. 

So, everyone else (well, that's women over 30), you're good to go!

Given that this is my first installment I wanted to let you know kind of my thought process in terms of blog posts.  Here are the categories that posts may fall within:

  •  Big news: anything that is exciting surrounding the book, like an important review from a well-known author.
  • Random musings: anything that comes to mind that has some relevance (as weak as it may be) to the book. For example, titles I considered for the book and why I chose 'Crushed'.
  • Behind The Scenes: here I will share some oh-so-secret (just between you and me) insights about character backgrounds, motivations for selected scenes, and even deleted scenes that got scrapped.
  • Wines: At the beginning of each chapter is a description of a particular wine or something related to wine. I will share more about those wines and why they were chosen for any particular chapter.
  • Bling's blog: here is a chance for Bling, the Meadowcroft's pug, to have a voice...beyond barking at the door seconds before the doorbell rings. And I will of course share who Bling is based on...such a clever dog. 

Finally, before I sign off on this first and very important milestone blog post, I want you to know how sincerely I hope to hear from you. Drop me an email. Comment on this or any other upcoming post. Give the book a review on Amazon (when I release it, of course).