The art of aging gracefully (according to Hollywood)

I just snuck out to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this afternoon. Again. I actually really loved the film. Twice now; and it definitely held up the second time. 

But I also loved the fourth-quarter Oscar-worthy films of 2015: The Big Short, Room, Carol, The Danish Girl and, my personal favorite fun-fest, The Martian. But back to Star Wars...and Carrie Fisher.

DISCLOSURE: I do not consider myself a feminist. But, man oh man (woman oh woman?), I am shocked as to how Internet trolls are treating the 'aging' of Carrie Fisher aka Princess/General Leia.  

I've actually never really pondered the issue of age discrimination. But based on the following 'now' versus 'then' - everyone seems to be talking about how Carrie Fisher has not aged well. How about Harrison Ford - huh? They've both aged...considerably, like humans do. So why is it everyone's talking about Carrie Fischer's aging and NOT Harrison Ford's? 

I dunno. What do you think?

CARRIE FISHER (Princess Leia)









ANGELINA JOLIE (A Hollywood beauty as a 'control specimen')


We all age; if we didn't it'd be super weird. And, yes, there are many people out there who poke and prod in an effort to tap into the fountain of youth. But Carrie Fisher I think looks fabulous. And for all the life experiences she's had, she wears her badges of honor with smooth elegance and grace. 

What do you think? Comment below!