Blogger Review: Coffeeholic Bookworm

Thank you, Claire, of Coffeeholic Bookworm for the lovely review of Crushed! Here is an excerpt:

Intrigues, scandals, bitter exes, demanding wives, controlling husbands and lies abound Finedale, and Grace was caught in this cacophony of deafening alarms. Thanks to her new friends, they were able to discover the truth about this rehab for divorcees, and Grace had finally learned how to deal with her husband, once and for all.
This was a charming read! Grace wasn’t the kind of woman I expected her to be. I thought she would crumble and fall when her marriage was on the rocks. But she surprised me with her wit, innocence and attitude. The charming ladies of Finedale were a hoot! I had a grand time laughing at their expense (sorry, they were just really adorable, I couldn’t help but laugh with them).
What I loved the most is the San Francisco setting. I have always wanted to go there, visit my relatives and walk among the grape fields of Napa Valley and San Fran. Thanks Layne Gray for a wonderful story and beautiful scenery!