Blogger Review

I love Kate. And I love her website which is 'The Website For Kates, By Kates and About Kates'! And I love the fact that she did a book review of Crushed and liked it!

Here's an excerpt of her review:

Kate’s Book Report:

Crushed: Happily Ever After 2.0 should really be listed under the comedy genre, because this book is seriously funny. Not my usual fare, but I’m happy that it came across my desk because it is an entertaining read. I’ve heard some griping lately that there aren’t enough books that feature romance for mature characters (read anyone over the age of 25). Crushed is one of the answers to that complaint. Grace isn’t old, but she’s old enough to have been married for so long she’s on autopilot with a teen son who’s basically self sufficient. When her friends put her up to a sexy surprise for her husband arriving home from an overseas business trip, that moment-gone-terribly-wrong sets into motion the wackiest set of events that will take Grace from housewife to divorcé in a blink. What does a well-off woman in the prime of her life do after divorcing her husband? Everything!

These characters live a life outside of my own circle–West Coast bank money; the sums the characters lose in this book are ridiculous and could probably fund entire towns for years. But that’s kind of the point. Life happens to everyone. The happenings here might make you bust a stitch laughing. The mix-ups are internal and external, big and small, and the smartest character in the entire book is the fifteen-year-old son, which proves a theory I’ve had that we don’t really grow up we just grow older. If you can get passed some of the more ridiculous plot devices, you might find yourself crushing on Crushed.

Thanks, Kate, for your awesome review!!!