Blogger Review: Blurbs and Words

Thank you to Miranda of Blurbs and Words for the fabulous review of the book, Crushed!


My Thoughts on the Book……..

Layne Gray’s new book Crushed is an excellent read and story of hope and renewal.  If you are a  woman who has ever tried to restart your life, then Crushed is the book for you.

A chick-lit novel for sure, but of course we all need those!!  Am I right ladies??

I loved reading this story and realizing that all is not lost when you have to pick yourself up and start over again.  In fact, amazing things can happen when life throws you a curveball.

Joining Grace on her new journey was excitement, to say the least.  I laughed with her, cried with her, and got angry with her.  But I also felt proud of her for not letting her bad situation win!!

And doesn’t FInedale sound like the perfect retreat?  I know several women who would love to join in!

I hope you will join Grace as she steps from her old life into her new one.

Thank you Miranda for the lovely review!