• How did you come up with the storyline?

Well, first, I made it up because that's what authors do, right? Some of the underpinnings, however, are based on my notion that not all relationships are meant to last for a lifetime - some just run their course and we should be happy for what times were good. Lots of friends have asked me to meet with friends of theirs who were going through divorces. I guess that was because I went through a relatively amicable one (the term 'relatively' is really quite relative :)  I doled out advice that soon-to-be-ex-wives should be hopeful that a new chapter was opening up in their lives and not to feel guilty that they weren't able to make it work.  


  • Who was your inspiration for Peter?

He is completely fictionalized. I do have friends whose husbands are in finance and it's not the most congenial industry. 


  • Who was your inspiration for Gigi?

Ah, she is an amalgamation of SOooo many individuals I know...with a huge dash of imagination. One particular aspect of her is based on someone who worked for me when I owned an event production company. This gal was the best at producing special events - parties. But she completely sucked at budgets.  


  • Is there really a place like Finedale?

Not that I know of! But it really would be a pretty great place, wouldn't it? 


  • Does Grace end up with Ross in the end?

That would give away the ending of this book and, perhaps, one of the storylines in the next one!