The following are some of the actual reviews by readers who posted on Amazon about their experience with the book, Crushed.

It was fantastic and I could not put it down

By Jennifer Kurrie

This is a delicious romp through one woman changing her life and finding meaning again! There are twists and turns. There are highs and lows. There are laughs and tears. It was fantastic and I could not put it down. Since finishing, I've been keeping an eye out for Grace on the streets of San Francisco and her fantastic friends. Love it!!

love and life in our beautiful city

By Amazon Customer

Instead of having a Netflix marathon on a day off, it was a marathon reading of Crushed! Layne Gray hits the nail on the head regarding marriage ,love and life in our beautiful city, San Francisco. Look for some familiar names and some familiar stories.. Great beach or rainy day read!


By terri

Layne Gray's ability to paint such a vivid picture of the characters personalities and location (San favorite) will keep you captivated from the beginning to end. SEXY, FUNNY, SUSPENSEFUL.......All the characteristics of a Great Read - Highly Recommend!

Funny and Heartrending Novel

By Pam H

An often funny and at times heartrending, well-paced novel set in one of my favorite cities – San Francisco. First time novelist Layne Gray has a wonderful way of weaving a story, placing the reader in the middle of the adventure.

One of my favorite novels of the year… I could not put it ...

By Mrs B

One of my favorite novels of the year… I could not put it down! Now I know what to give all of my friends for the holidays. If you are looking for a fun read for vacation, book club or just because CRUSHED is your answer.

Fun read!

By Amazon Customer

This was a fun, fun read. It is woven with characters we like to think don't relate to us, but as one reads, starts to resonate to situations people around us find themselves in. Enjoy!

Great story, great read

By Lesley G.

I normally save my reading for vacation time, but once I started reading Crushed, I couldn't put it down. Great story, great read, great to get to know Grace !!

Funny, Sex in the City-ish for San Franciscans!

By Noodles

I never wanted to put this book down! Great reading for a woman's bookclub! I read it on the beach and couldn't put it down. I loved Grace and Gigi's characters.

A true page turner...

By J. Pedigo

A wild, imaginative ride. A super fun, true page turner. With an end I never saw coming!

Crushed: Must read!

By Deborah Bocci

Layne Gray has written a fast paced, fun read, full of twists and turns. With the Bay Area as a back drop Grace, the novel's heroine, experiences love, loss, romance, and mystery in delightfully recognizable settings. Characters are well developed, and I particularly enjoyed meeting
Grace's parents and her new romantic interest! There is a good bit of humor in this novel as well as self discovery, fast friendships, support, and optimism. Women will be able to identify with many of the hilarious situations that Grace finds herself in throughout her journey. Crushed is a must read!

A yummy read!


Crushed was yummy! The multiple meanings of the name are only one example of author Layne Gray's cleverness. I picked up Crushed expecting a light sizzling story and while it definitely would be a great beach read it was so much more. It is full of relevant current references, and an insider's peek at the good life in San Francisco. It is not a predictable story about a cheating husband and hurt wife. Gray does not take the easy way out creating flat characters that are all good or evil - instead she recognizes that there are many nuances to any relationship - including Grace's marital relationship, her friendships and her other family members. I appreciated the richness Gray wove throughout the story. There are unexpected alignments as well as plot twists that kept me flying through the book. I can't wait for the sequel!

Sip and savor this spicy yet sophisticated novel with a satisfying finish!

By KathleeninSanFrancisco

Layne Gray has simply crushed her first novel with convincing character development and an engaging, twist-filled plot. The spirited lead character, Grace, embarks on a personal journey of self-discovery through her optimism and support of close family and friends against a rich backdrop of rarefied San Francisco society. You’ll cheer her on but at times will want to cry... Grace and the characters in the book were so real that I felt that I knew them. Crushed is a “must read” for women who have loved and lost and started anew. I can’t wait to discuss this page-turner with my book club over a glass or two of chardonnay! Oh, and I hope Layne Gray writes a sequel. I miss Grace already...

I couldn't put it down!

By Nikki D.

As soon as I started to read Crushed, I couldn't put it down! It's a great page turner and I loved learning more about each character as the story unfolded. The writing style lets you in on the stream of consciousness of the main character, Grace, as her picture perfect life becomes completely unravelled and how she evolves and stretches to create a stronger identity of herself. It is a fantastic story about inner strength, resilience, the importance of family and friends, and how you truly don't know what twist life will take next.

Get immersed in Crushed!

By A. Fitzgerald

Crushed: Happily-Ever-After 2.0 This is such an engaging story - I felt like the characters could have been friends of mine, and the fabulous San Francisco Bay Area setting made me wish I was actually part of the story! Scandal, intrigue, drama and friendship - this is a perfect escape for a vacation read or a fun yet substantive selection for a book club.

Not an easy feat...

By Cheryl Baxter

It is hard to imagine this is Layne Gray's first foray into storytelling as her lighthearted, page turning tale pulls you in and holds you until the last page...which in my case kept me company on a cross country flight that went by in an instant (not an easy feat). I felt like a San Francisco insider as I followed Grace's path...and want a path she weaved. A most delightful and fun story.

A fun, fun read!

By Nancy Mallinson

Need a new book? This is it.....

What a delight! It is a novel every woman should read

By Laurence

What a delight! It is a novel every woman should read! Grace is taking us on a fulfilling experience. We feel what she feels, we love what she loves we hate what she hates. The plot and the way the story is written with all the detailed descriptions that Layne Gray shares with us, are what make the story so pleasant to read. And not to mention the setting... the beautiful San Francisco area. Crushed is the sort of novel you desperately want to finish, to know how the story ends and at the same time you force yourself to put it aside to save it a little longer! I loved it so if you want to have a great time reading... indulge yourself with Crushed!!

.0 out ofEmotional, funny and sexy ride!!

By Keri

I loved Crushed! An absolute must read for our book club or even better our next girls trip with a good bottle of wine… and maybe a pina colada! The ride was emotional, funny and sexy. Spot on city details, I almost felt like I was in San Francisco with my favorite characters: Grace, Brett and Gigi. Please tell me we get to hear more about Grace and what happens next, I can’t wait to see where she goes from here (and I so hope it includes that hunky police chief)!

Fantastic Book!

By Laura Rose, Change Starts at Home

Hard to believe this is Layne Gray's first novel! She paints pictures so vividly with her words that you can imagine yourself in the room with the characters, and feel what they're going through in such a way that you immediately connect with them. PERFECT book to read with your girlfriends (preferably at a spa with a bottle of vino). I highly recommend reading the book now, before it gets turned into a movie!


By jude

A fast paced story of a strong woman, with San Francisco as a back drop, how could you not like this book. Rich language & even richer characters. I recommend you pick up this book together with a glass of one of the novels highlighted Chardonnays... & enjoy

Layne Gray has woven a suspenseful tale of love, family and new beginnings with plenty of suspense ...

By Michelle Finkelstein

Layne Gray has woven a suspenseful tale of love, family and new beginnings with plenty of suspense and humor. The characters and their relationships are expertly developed and I found myself relating to Grace on many levels, especially as a daughter to a wonderful mother. Filled with references of beautiful San Francisco and the Bay Area, it’s an insiders view that will resonate to those outside our special city as well. I sincerely hope there is another chapter to this story, so we can find out what happens next…

A page turner and a fun read! The perfect choice for a women's book club

By Mari Lou Diamond

A page turner and a fun read! The perfect choice for a womens bookclub.

Great, Fun Read - with enough twists to keep the pages turning.

By H. Furby

Great, Fun, Easy Read. Set myself up in the hammock and read straight through. I resonate with the characters...some of them really light and ditzy and others with more complex personalities - but found me or my group in all of them. A great vacation read that left me wondering 'what can I do NOW for myself, for my marriage, BEFORE my life looks like Grace's...or Gigi's...or Debbie's."

This is one of those books that you will find ...

By Lauren

This is one of those books that you will find very hard to put down. The story unwinds within San Francisco and the Bay Area and the descriptions and characters are spot on. The paths unfold in twists and turns that will keep you guessing. I think everyone can find a bit of themselves in each situation, perfectly told by Layne Gray. A must read!

Layne Gray crushes it in her debut literary effort!!!

By Debbie H.

Pour your favorite glass of wine and settle in for a fun, enjoyable, funny ... and sometimes emotional ... read. You'll laugh, cheer, weep, and applaud as Grace maneuvers life following humiliation, disappointment, and betrayal.

A fun read with an interesting cast of characters

By Amazon Customer

A fun read with an interesting cast of characters. A great book for a day at the spa, or to discuss with girlfriends over a bottle of wine!

Fun and inspiring "moments of Grace"

By annemarie fowler

What fun it is to accompany Grace Meadowcroft on her journey of discovering herself...anew! I was so inspired by how (the so aptly named) Grace finds that even as life events that she designs *perfectly* don’t always turn out as planned, the surprises she remains open to embracing can be more wonderful than she originally imagined. It’s a life lesson that can never be learned too often. Layne Gray’s story, one woven of gorgeous color and sense, often greets you in unexpected ways. There’s good balancing of main -and unique peripheral- characters, giving you a fuller experience of the world that surrounds the book. It’s spectacular fun. You will love the attention to (the finest!) detail throughout as you cheer Grace on through her many adventures. You’ll also be looking forward to Layne Gray’s future writing - Enjoy!

I took this book on a trip to the east coast and enjoyed reading it on my to and from plane rides

By Leslie Ryder

Layne Gray’s new book “Crushed” is an enjoyable read. I took this book on a trip to the east coast and enjoyed reading it on my to and from plane rides. This story takes you down the road of life of the main character Grace who encounters turns and twists in her life that she did not expect. Grace is able to rediscover herself at a retreat resort, after going through a divorce and a mid-life series of events. Many women in this age group often find themselves “rediscovering” themselves during this phase of life. I found this book easy to relate to and to understand the character. At the end of the day, Grace follows her path and discovers new directions and textures of life that she did not expect. Buy it and read it on your next trip.

Creative, entertaining and a great read!

By Judy Knight

What a fun book!! I couldn't put it down and almost missed my stop on the train last week because I was so caught p in the story. I love that it is set in San Francisco and Layne Gray has created wonderfully rich and colorful characters with lots of surprises along the way. I laughed and cried as Grace made her way through self-discovery and lots of ups and downs on her way to becoming a stronger and more self-reliant person.
I can't wait to read Layne's next novel!

Super book-well written-enjoyable read

By Amazon Customer

Layne Gray's style of writing is refreshing! Lots of colorful descriptions lure you into the book almost transforming you into one of the characters. It is very well written. The characters are well developed and the descriptions of the various scenes are breathtaking. It was a fun read but also had really good information about friendships, confidence and strength. I give this book a 10 out of 10 for keeping me totally entertained. Well done!